open your mouth

GIRLS- Lust For Life

as i lay awake thinking of you i can’t help but sigh at how in love we are. it’s so refreshing to be able to lay, talk, mess around with someone who accepts me for exactly who i am. i love that you love me. i love that i don’t even have to try.i love that i feel like i’ve known you my whole life. i love that we laugh at the same things. I love that my reaction to you licking the inside of my nostrils is to kiss you even harder. i feel so foolish when i see you pull out your phone to text someone and i wonder, “is that another girl?” the gates open and the flood of “if’s” drown my lungs. then like poseidon himself i rush the waters back into their gates because i realize our love is like no other. our love is what people dream of babe. don’t ever doubt it.

forever yours


Need you like water in my lungs. 


Need you like water in my lungs. 

I like it when girls sweat, makes me wanna to lick them.

Then i think we’d get along just fine

your voice is amazing!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously. 

told myself i’d record a cover a week till i start writing my own stuff

first up- johnny cash

Welp. I’m in love





Sick Sculptures of the Day: Makeup effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick untoons Beavis and Butt-head. Not surprisingly, the results are quite creepy.

More here.


I will never sleep again.


Fucking fuck.